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Turbine rotor
BNSF Freight Train Locomotives No. 5240 in the desert

CPP is a global aerospace casting supplier with locations worldwide. We offer a wide range of products on both airframes and engines. Our manufacturing production capabilities encompass a wide array of different alloys and highly complex parts, including structural, non-rotating parts, as well as rotating parts in the hot section of the engine. Currently produced engine casting content includes:

  • Structural Guide Vanes
  • Compressor Rear Case
  • Combustor Components
  • Bearing Housing
  • Exhaust Case
  • HP Turbine Blades, Shrouds, & Vanes
  • LP Turbine Blades, Shrouds, & Vanes
  • Turbine Center & Rear Frame Hubs
  • Main Engine Housings
  • Gear Boxes
  • Front and Rear Inlet Frames